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forbiddenzone's Journal

Living in the Sixth Dimension...
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The few and the proud... fans of THE FORBIDDEN ZONE... the greatest little movie ever made!
20'' cattle prods, alternate realities, b movies, blackface, brothers elfman, bust rod the frog, cab calloway, cell 63, cheap sets, chicken boy, chickens, concubines, cult films, dancing, danny elfman, elfman brothers, flash, flash hercules, forbidden zone, french people, frenchy, frenchy hercules, gisele lindley, herve villechaize, hervé villechaize, hidden doors in basements, huckleberry p jones, human chandeliers, humping, hyman diamond, jewish wrestlers, joe spinell, king fausto, lox, marie pascale, marie pascale-elfman, matthew bright, mickey mouse ears, midget kings, miss feldman, musicals, mystic knights, oingo boingo, old jewish men, phil gordon, pimps, principal yodelbean, pseudo menstral cramps, raw animation, renee henderson, richard elfman, sailors, school shootings, squeezit, squeezit & renee henderson, squeezit henderson, susan hercules, susan tyrrell, the 80s, the alphabet, the forbidden zone, the hercules family, the kipper kids, the master race, the sixth dimension, tits, topless women, toshiro baloney, ugh-fudge bwana, viva, yiddish, yiddishe charleston